In June I was invited to the Rutherford family home to do bridal makeup for Fiona, three of her sisters and her mum. There was such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere that morning as everyone was getting ready and it was so nice to be part of that. I used taupe and brown eye shades with natural pinks and coral tones for a soft, effortless look to enhance their features. The wedding took place in a yurt near to a beautiful beach in East Lothian which reflected the easy-going nature of this couple. It was typically Scottish summer weather that day and Fiona braved the cold wind by the sea to get some great shots with Mark. Thanks to the talented Hamish Robb Photography for these stunning photos- http://www.hamishrobbphotography.zenfolio.com
Mark Fiona (high res)-48

Mark Fiona (high res)-18

Mark Fiona (high res)-59

Mark Fiona (high res)-161

Mark Fiona (high res)-261

Mark Fiona (high res)-281

Copyright Hamish Robb Photography


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